Sunday, July 21, 2013

I think someone at the library has gone nuts....

Don't get me wrong, normally I love our local library system. They really have a lot to offer and if they do not have it, they will do their best to try to help patrons to get what they are looking for. Their website is set up with lists of everything recently put into their system - and also lists of recently ordered items not in circulation yet - all of which you can place a hold on. One of the reasons I think our local library is so popular is the number of dvds they have for checking out. The selection is great.

My family loves British comedy and Keeping Up Appearances is a top favorite. I mention this because the series is very popular at the library and since we haven't had cable for some time now, I decided several months ago to place a hold on 1 season's worth of episodes on a dvd. There were a couple of hundred people ahead of me but they have several copies to loan out so I don't mind waiting. I was notified the other day that I had some items being held for me that I had placed holds on so my sister stopped by there to pick them up for me - I was thinking it was a book and a couple of dvds.

This is what she came home with:

One episode per dvd. Yes, one.
I double-checked.

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Winnie said...

Oh my! I am chuckling, and wonder what Mrs. Bucket would think! I adore that series, and have seen them over and over. The humor is so great you never tire of them. One at a time is just so funny.. My hubby and I adore the Vicar of Dibley, and I we spent weeks watching them on dvd (I know there were like 3-4 episodes on each dvd..)