Friday, July 12, 2013

Google Reader vs. Bloglovin

At least on Blogger - if you have your own blog, when you sign in, if you scroll down past your own blog that you have listed, any blogs you are subscribed to that have new posts will appear below. If you read a lot of blogs, you do have to keep up with the list provided by Blogger but I have found that some blogs will not show as having new posts on Bloglovin as soon as it does on Blogger.


I do miss Google Reader I have to admit - it was nice to have pages automatically translated for you if you needed it. I know Chrome does the same and maybe there is an add-in for Firefox (which I use mostly) but I don't want to fool with all that.

Guess I'm just an ol' stick in the mud sometimes. If I find something I like that works perfectly for me, I stick with it (as long as possible).

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