Sunday, July 7, 2013

Door to window to brick wall....

I know I can not be the only one out there that feels this way at times.

That old saying about a door being closed, a window opening in it's place.

Well, what happens if when you try the window, you run smack into a brick wall?

Or the window is stuck. Or your butt is too big to fit through?

The view sucks. You scamper through  (any port in a storm), only to find you have stepped in old gum, or something worse.

Merrily we go along until....

Yep. You guessed it. Another door. Except this time, there's another door connected to the first, and another connected to the 2nd. And so forth. No windows to speak of.

Is there a trapdoor in the floor or perhaps a ceiling opening you can use to get into the crawlspace?
Oh wait. I get it. There's the air-duct vent.

Except there is no ladder.
But you scramble up into it anyways. And crawl around. Only to run into one of those guys. Or three.

(if you've ever watched the original Jurassic Park movie, you'll know the exact scene I am talking about! if you haven't, just imagine some not so nice dinosaurs chasing you - you'll get the idea)

Somehow you manage to get away. Only to find there is no escape jeep waiting for you. Once you do find it, the jeep doesn't have any gas as someone forgot to fill the tank. It has a flat tire. Oh, and you can't find the keys anyways. And there is no helicopter to swoop you way to safety.

Anyone got a pogo stick I could borrow? One of the wheels fell off my roller-skate - I lost the other one somewhere back in that air duct.

Just for your entertainment:

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Lani Cox said...

Sounds like a crazy dream! and how dreams echo reality!

Next time you run across the brick wall, conjure up a sledge-hammer (and a hot guy wielding it) and get to smashing that wall down. I'm curious what you will find on the other side!