Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Designing My Dream Bedroom....

We all have our fantasies.

Mine of late is wanting to redecorate my bedroom. It will be a long-term project, partially as I want to wait until we move, part because I need to find everything I want to decorate with and lastly but not least, I will want to incorporate some stitching projects in it as well.

My keystone piece for right now that I am picking up colors and inspiration from is a plate I bought at a local shop that carries such delectable stuff year around - Wights (don't get me started on their Christmas stuff)! The plate is only 7" or 8" wide.

These are a couple of pictures I found online that show what it looks like - it is sort of a cross between the two:

My walls will no doubt be white (as a renter, it is rather difficult to paint walls unless you have a really willing landlord and I don't want to go through all the fuss to be honest).

I do know of a rug I found at Ballard Designs called Monterey - it is an indoor/outdoor rug - I like the Mineral color version of it:

Then there is a cross stitch design I want to do for over my bed - I will most likely have a twin size (groan - I know, but I don't need that big a bed and prefer the open space) - I may have to increase the number of motifs across it to get it to the size I want. It is called Seashell Silhoutte by Imaginating. I will be doing the shell motifs in different silk colors - not sure if each replica will be the same color or all different - not sure about the background fabric - want something prettier than looking like it is on a burlap sack and I may leave off the top scroll work.

As for the overall color scheme to the bedroom, I want to incorporate similar colors as to my blog page to be very honest :)

Other pieces I am looking for will be a headboard and nightstand, a lovely writing desk with matching comfy chair, and definitely a very comfy chair for stitching. I am hoping to get a closet organization system that will allow me to have all my clothing and stitching supplies in the closet. If not, I may get a small armoire to place them in. If I do get a larger size bed, I may put either a bench or a small sofa table / console table at the end of my bed. Just depends on how much room I will have. Accessories, lighting, and linens to be decided.

One site I found today is Completely Coastal - it is a site full of ideas and DIY for coastal inspired decorating! So far, it is like the best of coastal & Pinterest all rolled up into one IMHO :)

So as you can see, I have quite a long ways to go in planning but I will get there. Eventually.

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herwickbarnes said...

I love the colors that you are thinking of using. There is something so peaceful about it. When I redecorated my room a few years ago I did the same type of blue with silver and then took photos of flowers in my yard and printed them in black and white for the walls. Sometime I want to change it but I love the spa feel. I think your coastal theme will be wonderful.