Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colonel Klink, Chihuahua Extraordinaire....

First, let me describe where I live. Imagine a large knoll (small hill). My apartment is by the driveway and if you go outside my apartment, and look to your left, looking upwards, you will see another row of apartments at the top of the knoll that are perpendicular to ours. You have to go down a set of stairs to get to my apartment (we call it the Hobbit Hole and not nicely either).  The apartments at the top of the knoll have their patios facing down towards us. There is a main sidewalk from their patio areas down past our apartment to the parking lot.

Earlier this morning, when starting to go out to run some errands (and finding a dead car battery), I turned to come back inside and there he was in all his regimental glory....

Colonel Klink.

If you are familiar at all with the old sitcom Hogan's Heros, then you will immediately know to whom I am referring. The defiant stance, the withering glare, the strutting walk - that is the chihuahua up the hillside from us. We very affectionately (in private) refer to his highness as Colonel Klink due to his voraciousness and courage in defending his territory, no matter if it is the wind blowing a leaf by or if someone sneezes.

His staunchest ally, Lady Schultz, was chasing after him down towards the parking lot, trying to gain his attention without avail. Fortunately, she is lucky that 1) she finally caught up with the Colonel and 2) that she looks nothing like her namesake.

Ah, as we speak, the rolling echoes of his latest complaint can be heard. I wonder who farted this time?

P.s. Yes, we love animals very much!

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