Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh, bugger it....

Over the past few weeks, I've been sitting here looking at all the blogs I'm signed up to follow - some 170+ I think - looking for ideas and inspirations - and I've also been reading various posts at 123Stitch - so many people seem so organized or are getting organized with their supplies, etc.

Me, I start off with good intentions but haven't followed up on getting on with some projects to help me organize my stash better - life keeps happening - but I shouldn't use that for an excuse. Shouldn't have excuses about it, period. (yeah right, fat chance that'll never happen again!)

For instance, ages ago I bought 5 yards of unbleached muslin to place my projects in to help protect them - I also have a large under-the-bed plastic box to put them in - I know plastic is a no-no but it's all I can afford right now - have I even touched the darn thing since I got it home & put it into my closet? Nope. Cept to dust it off occasionally.

I also have 2 of those scrapbook paper plastic boxes I have the vast majority of my floss in - but they are a mess - desperately needs to be straightened up. Not to mention I have a couple of tote bags hanging up in my same closet full of projects.

I also have 2-3 bags by my bed of current projects.

This all does not include the patterns, books, magazines & some kits and a few WIPs I have in a bookcase, on 2 closet shelves, scattered in a few storage bins, and a large comforter plastic zip cover thingy.

Oh - and I also have a zip-loc bag full of smalls I have completed. And a few tubes of Monaco laying in another basket.

I should really be ashamed of myself.

Yet, when I think of organizing everything, I feel like this....
I seriously need help. This doesn't even include my knitting stuff.


sharine said...

For what it's worth some of my stash is under the bed,in the wardrobe, in a drawer ,...

DebbieRae said...

My stash is in a room in the basement, in boxes on the porch, in baskets all over the house, on shelves in the living room... it's YOUR hobby and it's supposed to relax you and make you happy. If putting it in 'order' makes you feel crazy, then organizing it is not for you. Relax. There are no rules and you have no boss. If you want, I'll be your boss, and I say LEAVE IT ALONE AND HAVE FUN!