Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Sewing Basket

I have always loved sewing baskets....and traditional picnic baskets. I was very surprised a few months ago when I was shopping at Joann's Fabric with my mom and older sister. We were walking by the sewing baskets as they were on sale and my mom stopped and said "Choose one!". 

I was absolutely shocked as no one had mentioned anything about getting a sewing basket. When you live in the same household and do most of your shopping together, one usually knows what is on the shopping list.

When I questioned them about it, they said it was a surprise early birthday gift - you wouldn't think something as simple as a sewing basket would mean so much to a person, but it really does to me. It represents a loving home, full of care, family and friends. I cannot think of a time when visiting maternal grandmother or her sisters when they didn't have their sewing basket out somewhere, where prying eyes and fingers could peek and seek out those little treasures to be found inside. Yes, we had one at home too but wasn't used that much (my mom loves to sew but didn't have the time to as she would have liked).

Back to my box - after looking at several, with my mom and sister wanting me to get a larger one, I chose this (all pictures are of a model I found online):

It is the St. Jane Pastel Pansy Straw Sewing Basket by the Dritz Corporation. I just love the colors in the material! 

Here is the back so you can see the handle - doesn't the weaving of the fabric through the basket make you want to go on a picnic?

And last, but not least, here is the inside: 

Mine doesn't have much in it at the moment, but it will be added to lovingly and slowly and properly as it should be.

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