Monday, June 24, 2013

Here we go!

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I hope you will enjoy this adventure with me. I do not have a true destination in mind. Instead, like most things in life, I will meander down life's lanes, pausing here and there....sometimes only for a moment, other times, I will linger. It just depends on what captures my attention and fascination.

I have been asked the significance of my blog name and header image. I have a fascination of the sea....I also love to read. I have a dictionary by my bed called The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea. It has 688 pages, 2600 entries of items. I read it on the odd occasion I can't sleep (I just finished with the Hs after having the book 3 years - whoo hoo!).

I came across the phrase "flowers of the wind" - an old expression for the engraving of the wind-rose on the earliest charts and maps - and I fell in love with it. Yet if I do a search online, other sources claim it is supposed to be flower of the winds - flowers of the wind is also supposed to be a fairy / faerie charm used for protection by blowing dandelions around onself or some such nonsense :) 

I chose the name Flowers Of The Wind as it brings a sense of timelessness and joy and expression to mind. The banner / header image is one I just chose as it has a rather comfy chair for me to sit in whilst I either entertain you or bore you :)

I think that is it for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and like most other bloggers, comments are most welcomed, as is your companionship & friendship!


Post script: I am not sure how to get the "Comment" thingy to have a decent link to click on for posting comments so if anyone has any ideas, maybe you can figure it out & post a comment with directions? :)

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wilma b said...

Hi Laura...lovely new blog! I just click on the word 'comments', and a box pops up to put my message in...easy as pie!