Saturday, June 29, 2013

Americana Stitching

Every time at this year, I get rather nostalgic....small town parades - cute little dachshunds dressed up in costumes, simple fireworks and sparklers, wonderful farmers market where you know some of the people selling their goods, old-timey cars and horses prancing down the street....the gazebo / bandstand with summer concerts with Barbershop Quartettes....even the required duck pond full of ornery ducks :) Idealistic? Perhaps - but it's small things like this that makes me appreciate it even more....

I've always wanted to have a section of stitching on a wall that would showcase an Americana theme....each design either represents something specific or evokes a special memory for me  - something I could leave out year-around....haven't gotten to it yet (don't have the room right now) but I've decided to make a post showing some models of designs I like that I might consider to include (means a lot of stitching to do in the future!). The designs may change or be added to - but I think this is enough for now :)

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - LHN

The Mercantile - LHN

The Farmer's Daughter - LHN

Mississippi Riverboat - LHN

Stars & Stripes - CCN

State Fair - LHN

The Apple Orchard - CCN

Home Sweet Home - CCN

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